As the core team has extensive experience in infrastructure consulting, we use the best technology available to ensure the best quality in all aspects of construction.

  • Cellular Lightweight Concrete

    All masonry work in our buildings are done with Cellular Lightweight Concrete blocks. These blocks are made using Fly Ash, Sand and Cement. These blocks are extremely lightweight making the building lighter and inherently earthquake resistant. The first rating of these blocks is also better than normal clay brick masonry.

    We produce these blocks in situ ensuring the best quality. Unlike clay bricks these blocks do not require burning saving precious energy and protecting the environment by utilizing harmful Fly Ash.

  • Automomous Lighting Infrastructure

    We incorporate green energy saving solutions in our projects. Autonomous Lighting Infrastructure is one such innovation. This system reduces dependency on the power grid for all lighting need reducing the carbon footprint of the building in addition to reduced electricity charges.

    Utilizing solar panels to store energy during the day in high efficiency batteries, the lighting system uses LED fixtures which consume a fraction of power required by ordinary incandescent bulbs or CFLs. These fixtures have a longer life and better faulty tolerance.